Welcome to Taqueria La Estrella, a culinary haven nestled in the heart of Mineral Wells, TX, where the spirit of Mexico comes alive on every plate. Established in 2013 and named after our cherished youngest daughter, Estrella, our restaurant stands as a testament to the values of family, authenticity, and a passion for genuine Mexican flavors.

At Taqueria La Estrella, we are not merely a family-owned establishment; we are the embodiment of a Mexican kitchen, bringing forth a unique blend of tradition and innovation. Our commitment to delivering an authentic Mexican dining experience sets us apart from the typical Tex-Mex fare, offering a journey into the heart of Mexico with every dish.

Line of tacos and sauces

savor our Street Tacos

For a taste of true Mexican street food culture, savor our Street Tacos – four double corn tortilla tacos brimming with your choice of meats, including marinated pork, cheek meat, shredded beef, diced chicken, or shredded pork meat with potatoes steak. These street-style tacos capture the essence of Mexico's vibrant culinary scene, offering a flavorful journey through the diverse flavors of our beloved homeland..

Taqueria La Estrella takes great pride in being recognized as the Best Mexican Food in Palo Pinto County. It is our honor to share the rich tapestry of Mexican flavors with you and your family. Join us in celebrating the genuine spirit of Mexico, one delectable bite at a time, and experience the Real Deal in Authentic Mexican Food.